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Shantel And Bramble Tech

OUR ENGINEERS deliver and innovate

Through Ai- Artificial Intelligence

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Letter From Our Team

Welcome to Shantel & Bramble Technology! We provide a unique platform for learning and discovery that empowers young minds to reach their full potential. With our easy-to-use tools, students of all ages can get the help they need to succeed.

What sets us apart is our commitment to technology and innovation. We recently introduced Bramble Bot Tutor, an AI-powered digital tutor that can help students with their studies. With Bramble Bot Tutor, learning can be fun and interactive.

Shantel & Bramble is a Saas based tech company located in Alpharetta Ga and have proudly opened its second location in Sacramento, CA. We are on the right path for a successful year this and look forward to creating long term-built client relationships. Our Firm was proudly founded in 2021 and started as an IT Consulting firm. Since then, the company has found much success and sold its consulting accounts to a partnering client. Chief executive officer Shantel is now focused on growing the Tech company and building the award-winning software that caters to learning institutions for a seamless learning experience. We thank everyone for their support in making this possible.

Your team @Shantel & Bramble Technology

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2023 Awarded learning vendor

AI software

Proud to offer Bramble Bot Learning to your institution. Every step of the way is always exciting step for our little learners. Our software is power packed with exciting curriculum , designed to keep our learners engaged and ready. We are now a contracted vendor in 17 states .

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Our Team

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Software Engineer

Graphic Designer


Marketing & Planning


CEO, Ai Developer

Chatbot Engineer

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We welcome you to explore

Software design

Shantel & Bramble Technology provides custom software solutions to learning institutions, designed to meet their individual needs and goals. Our solutions are designed to improve the efficiency and productivity of your clients, providing the best learning experience possible.

Bramble Bot For Your Institution

In 2023 Our Ceo Shantel, launched an intelligent tutoring bot that can provide online tutoring anytime of the day. The Bot runs on Auto pilot and Artificial Intelligence that can evaluate the student's needs and level of learning within minutes. The Bramble Bot can provide homeschooling parents and Edu providers a peace of mind with engaging learning content. This program can start at Pre-k grade level education. Our talented Engineering department at Shantel & Bramble Technology will continue to stay innovative and create a memorable experience for its students and clients.

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We are hiring software Engineers



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Contact Information


44 Milton Ave, Alpharetta, GA 30009