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What our clients say

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Simply an amazing and outstanding company to work with, Our project turned out better than imagined.

Megan Dubois

Atlanta GA

Great working with Shantel & Bramble since I started my position. Staff has been great with open communication.

Trudy J

Oncology , RN

Our school has 10 % more children since we started utilizing your software in our class rooms. Your team ROCKS !

Vanna Trinh

President, Montessori

Los Angeles,CA

Our Services

IT Solutions

  • Graphic design , and product branding
  • Website design , including WordPress and Ecommerce.
  • Software and mobile App Development.
  • Full service SaaS
  • UX/UI APP development $14,000 -$100k


Our Staffing Services: Cost-Effective and Efficient At our company, we provide staffing services at market rates, supported by our proprietary AI software which can reduce recruiting time by up to 60%. Our focus is to fill each role with highly qualified candidates in a timely manner, utilizing the best staffing methods available.

Education Software

  • An intelligent Bot designed to run on Auto pilot
  • Artificial integrations of Intelligence which evaluates each student's needs and level of learning within minutes.
  • The Bramble Bot can provide homeschooling parents and Edu providers a peace of mind and engaging learning content.
  • This program starts at Pre-k grade level education.
  • Our talented Engineering department at Shantel & Bramble Technology will continue to stay innovative and create a memorable experience for its students and clients.

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Established in 2021, Shantel & Bramble started in IT engineering and created an award winning AI Software for Montessori schools throughout the US. The software gained national attention and landed a multi million dollar deal with EDU Institutions and to date we are in 57 schools. Since then our CEO Shantel, has continued to broaden the range of services by utilizing her skills in HR. We provide Custom software design ,Staffing in Hospitality, Health , IT, Customized Ai Education software and a series of other products for you to explore.


We are proud to announce our new team in India as we continue to expand local and international .

At Shantel And Bramble, we firmly believe that every customer should be treated with the utmost priority. That's why we offer a variety of services designed to help our clients thrive. Our company specializes in creating AI software for various industries, which streamlines manual office work and reduces the time spent on daily tasks. Our team of AI experts can help you achieve your goals by automating and simplifying your day-to-day tasks, allowing you to focus on the more important items on your to-do list.

Bramble bot for your Montessori institution

In 2023 we launched an intelligent tutoring bot that can provide online tutoring anytime of the day.

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